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Cosy 2 seater sofabed

Cosy 2 seater sofabed£1,249.00   £999.00

H 95cm W 153cm D 94cm Depth open 228cm

Cosy 3 seater sofabed

Cosy 3 seater sofabed£1,499.00   £1,199.00

H 95cm W 175cm D 94cm Depth open 228cm

Faith 2 seater sofabed

Faith 2 seater sofabed£1,449.00   £1,149.00

H 93cm W 155cm D 92cm Depth open 225cm

Faith 3 seater sofabed

Faith 3 seater sofabed£1,575.00   £1,249.00

H 93cm W 177cm D 92cm Depth open 225cm

Hambleton 2 seater sofabed

Hambleton 2 seater sofabed£1,499.00   £1,199.00

H 91cm W 158cm D 96cm

Hambleton 3 seater sofabed

Hambleton 3 seater sofabed£1,649.00   £1,299.00

H 91cm W 178cm D 96cm

Hambleton chaise sofabed

Hambleton chaise sofabed£2,499.00   £1,999.00

H 91cm W 258cm D 179cm D ext 230cm

Matrix/Dawn sofabed

Matrix/Dawn sofabedFrom:  £575.00

Easy to fold out in three sizes

Mya sofabed

Mya sofabed£949.00   £675.00

Two seater fold out sofabed on clearance

Sacramento chaise sofabed

Sacramento chaise sofabed£999.00   £799.00

H 84cm W 218cm D 155cm

Tyne 2 seater sofabed

Tyne 2 seater sofabed£1,599.00   £1,299.00

H 87cm W 182 or 193cm D 93cm

Tyne chair bed

Tyne chair bed£999.00   £799.00

H 87cm W 112 or 120cm D 93cm

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items
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