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Farmhouse oak glazed display cabinet

Farmhouse oak glazed display cabinet£749.00   £599.00

H 180cm W 90cm D 37cm

Farmhouse oak large dresser

Farmhouse oak large dresser£1,449.00   £1,149.00

H 200cm W 150cm D 41cm

Farmhouse oak medium dresser

Farmhouse oak medium dresser£1,270.00   £1,015.00

H 200cm W 135cm D 41cm

Farmhouse oak petite dresser

Farmhouse oak petite dresser£899.00   £715.00

H 200cm W 85cm D 37cm

Farmhouse oak small dresser

Farmhouse oak small dresser£1,040.00   £830.00

H 200cm W 100cm D 41cm

Loire corner display

Loire corner display£599.00   £449.00

H 180cm W 49cm D 49cm

Loire double glazed display

Loire double glazed display£780.00   £599.00

H 180cm W 90cm D 43cm

Loire double open display

Loire double open display£680.00   £499.00

H 180cm W 90cm D 43cm

Loire tall glazed display

Loire tall glazed display£599.00   £449.00

H 180cm W 89cm D 34cm

Loire triple glazed display

Loire triple glazed display£1,149.00   £849.00

H 180cm W 134cm D 43cm

Loire triple open display

Loire triple open display£1,035.00   £799.00

H 180cm W 134cm D 43cm

Nathan Shades display units

Nathan Shades display unitsFrom:  £1,572.00

Range of three display units in light oak or teak

Scandi oak  display cabinet

Scandi oak display cabinet£660.00   £529.00

H 150cm W 90cm D 42cm

Shaker oak glazed cabinet

Shaker oak glazed cabinet£449.00   £359.00

H 120cm W 86cm D 35cm

Shaker oak large dresser

Shaker oak large dresser£1,275.00   £1,030.00

H 200cm W 135cm D 40cm

Shaker oak standard dresser

Shaker oak standard dresser£1,125.00   £899.00

H 190cm W 115cm D 40cm

Shaker painted dresser

Shaker painted dresser£950.00   £749.00

H 205cm W 115cm D 40cm

Shaker painted glazed cabinet

Shaker painted glazed cabinet£425.00   £330.00

H 120cm W 86cm D 35cm

Page 1 of 1:    18 Items
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