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Dining chairs

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Audrey dining chair

Audrey dining chair£150.00   £120.00

Brushed stainless steel frame with PU leather seating

Avon fabric dining chair

Avon fabric dining chair£150.00   £120.00

H 106cm W 47cm D 65cm

Coast chair

Coast chair£65.00   £49.00

White or Pebble grey slatted and padded

Colmar oak dining chair

Colmar oak dining chair£220.00   £175.00

H 103cm W 41cm D 58cm

Devonshire chair

Devonshire chair£75.00   £60.00

Ivory cross backed and padded

Dorset chair

Dorset chair£95.00   £65.00

Oak finished slatted and padded

Dundee dining chair

Dundee dining chair£75.00   £60.00

Honey pine solid wood slat back chairs

Epsom linen fabric dining chair

Epsom linen fabric dining chair£145.00   £115.00

H 89cm W 43cm D 54cm

Farmhouse oak dining chair

Farmhouse oak dining chair£165.00   £130.00

H 108cm W 42cm D 45cm

Frida chair

Frida chair£105.00   £85.00

H 88cm W 43cm D 55cm

Lucy bonded leather dining chair

Lucy bonded leather dining chair£155.00   £125.00

H 107cm W 45cm D 52cm

Scandi oak dining chair

Scandi oak dining chair£190.00   £150.00

H 88cm W 50cm D 51cm

Shaker oak dining chair

Shaker oak dining chair£170.00   £135.00

H 90cm W 42cm D 50cm

Shaker painted dining chair

Shaker painted dining chair£170.00   £135.00

H 98cm W 48cm D 46cm

Torino chair

Torino chair£75.00   £60.00

Grey, White or Black slatted

NOW 120
York oak padded chair

York oak padded chair£215.00   £170.00

H 91cm W 42cm D 47cm

York oak solid seat chair

York oak solid seat chair£215.00   £170.00

H 91cm W 42cm D 47cm


Page 1 of 1:    17 Items
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