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Avon 2 door wardrobes

Avon 2 door wardrobesFrom:  £285.00

H 182cm W 74cm (or W 95cm) D 53cm

Avon 3 door wardrobes

Avon 3 door wardrobesFrom:  £460.00

H 182cm W 111cm D 53cm

Avon 3 drawer locker

Avon 3 drawer locker£155.00   £125.00

H 69cm W 39cm D 41cm

Avon 4 drawer deep chest

Avon 4 drawer deep chest£265.00   £210.00

H 107cm W 76cm D 41cm

Avon 4 drawer midi chest

Avon 4 drawer midi chest£205.00   £165.00

H 88cm W 58cm D 41cm

Avon 6 drawer midi chest

Avon 6 drawer midi chest£375.00   £299.00

H 79cm W 112cm D 41cm

Avon 76cm wide chests

Avon 76cm wide chestsFrom:  £175.00

76cm wide 3,4 & 5 drawer chests

Avon bed box

Avon bed box£355.00   £285.00

H 50cm W 112cm D 41cm

Avon blanket box

Avon blanket box£165.00   £130.00

H 41cm W 84cm D 41cm

Avon dressing table/desk/stool/mirror

Avon dressing table/desk/stool/mirrorFrom:  £105.00

Dressing tables,desk,stool or mirrors

Avon headboard

Avon headboardFrom:  £75.00

Headboards - in a variety of finishes

Avon low wardrobes

Avon low wardrobesFrom:  £259.00

H 127cm W 77cm D 53cm

Avon narrow chests

Avon narrow chestsFrom:  £115.00

39cm wide 2,3,4 & 5 drawer lockers

Avon sliding robe

Avon sliding robe£405.00   £325.00

H 197cm W 100cm D 60cm

Page 1 of 1:    14 Items
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