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Alstons Armchair

Alstons Armchair£560.00   £449.00

H 96cm W 84 or 99cm D 94cm 

Alstons Snuggler

Alstons Snuggler£750.00   £599.00

H 96cm W 122 or 138cm D 94cm 

Chloe armchair

Chloe armchairFrom:  £599.00

Available in two sizes



Cosgrove armchair

Cosgrove armchair£595.00   £475.00

H 107cm W 89cm D 97cm

Firth armchair

Firth armchairFrom:  £564.00

Available in two sizes



Henley armchair

Henley armchairFrom:  £662.00

H 107cm W 93cm D 99cm



Henry chair

Henry chair£600.00   £475.00

H 95cm W 68cm D 78cm

Isla Armchair

Isla Armchair£400.00   £325.00

H 87cm W 94cm D 86cm

Kempton chair

Kempton chair£499.00   £399.00

Choice of size available

Keswick Armchair

Keswick Armchair£625.00   £499.00

Available in three sizes



Linda chair

Linda chair£545.00   £435.00

H 109cm W 86cm D 96cm

Malvern armchair

Malvern armchairFrom:  £623.00

H 104cm W 94cm D 96cm



Milton armchair

Milton armchairFrom:  £623.00

H 106cm W 97cm D 97cm



Mistral armchair

Mistral armchairFrom:  £917.00

Available in two sizes



Parker Armchair

Parker Armchair£555.00   £445.00

H 98cm W 84cm D 99cm

Premier Armchair

Premier Armchair£625.00   £499.00

H 100cm W 88cm D 98cm

Selkirk Armchair

Selkirk Armchair£775.00   £625.00

H 107cm W 109cm D 90cm

Selkirk Gents Chair

Selkirk Gents Chair£815.00   £649.00

H 107cm W 89cm D 94cm

Sherborne Malvern Armchair

Sherborne Malvern Armchair£695.00   £549.00

Available in two sizes



Sussex Fixed Armchair

Sussex Fixed Armchair£499.00   £399.00

H 107cm W 83cm D 86cm

Warwick chair

Warwick chair£499.00   £399.00

Pocket sprung seated chair available in three sizes

Woburn Armchair

Woburn Armchair£625.00   £499.00

Available in two sizes



Page 1 of 1:    22 Items
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