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2 seater sofas

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Cairns 2str USB power recliner

Cairns 2str USB power recliner£1,375.00   £1,099.00

H 99cm W 150cm D 99cm

Display model clearance in Cairns Ivory

Chloe 2 seater sofa

Chloe 2 seater sofaFrom:  £1,150.00

Available in two sizes - fixed or reclining



Cosgrove 2 seater sofa

Cosgrove 2 seater sofaFrom:  £775.00

H 107cm W 144cm D 97cm (fixed or reclining)

Cosy 2 seater sofa

Cosy 2 seater sofa£875.00   £699.00

H 95cm W 153cm D 94cm

Firth 2 seater sofa

Firth 2 seater sofaFrom:  £1,126.00

H 105cm W 167cm D 100cm (fixed or reclining)



Hambleton 2 seater sofa

Hambleton 2 seater sofa£875.00   £699.00

H 91cm W 158cm D 96cm

Isla 2 and 2.5 seater sofas

Isla 2 and 2.5 seater sofasFrom:  £575.00

H 87cm W 155 or 186cm D 86cm

Jackson 2 seater sofa

Jackson 2 seater sofa£897.00   £725.00

H 102cm W 145cm D 92cm

Keswick 2 seater sofa

Keswick 2 seater sofaFrom:  £875.00

Available in three sizes - fixed or reclining



Linda 2 seater sofa

Linda 2 seater sofa£849.00   £675.00

H 109cm W 137cm D 96cm

Malvern 2 seater sofa

Malvern 2 seater sofaFrom:  £1,179.00

H 104cm W 147cm D 96cm (fixed)

H 105cm W 147cm D 96cm (reclining)



Milton 2 seater sofa

Milton 2 seater sofaFrom:  £1,179.00

H 106cm W 147cm D 98cm (fixed)

H 106cm W 148cm D 97cm (reclining)



Naomi 2 seater sofa

Naomi 2 seater sofa£815.00   £649.00

H 98cm W 127cm D 91cm

Naomi 2.5 seater sofa

Naomi 2.5 seater sofa£875.00   £699.00

H 98cm W 151cm D 91cm

Paris 2 seater sofa

Paris 2 seater sofa£1,149.00   £925.00

H 99cm W 145cm D 93cm

Parker 2 seater sofa

Parker 2 seater sofa£849.00   £675.00

H 98cm W 130cm D 99cm

Premier 2 seater sofa

Premier 2 seater sofaFrom:  £949.00

H 100cm W 147cm D 98cm (fixed or reclining)

Selkirk 2 seater sofa

Selkirk 2 seater sofa£1,125.00   £899.00

H 107cm W 155cm D 90cm

Selkirk 2.5 seater sofa

Selkirk 2.5 seater sofa£1,215.00   £975.00

H 107cm W 178cm D 90cm

Sherborne Malvern 2 seater sofa

Sherborne Malvern 2 seater sofaFrom:  £899.00

Available in two sizes - fixed or reclining



Splendour  sofa

Splendour sofaFrom:  £749.00

Snuggler, 2, 3 or 4 seater



Woburn 2 seater sofa

Woburn 2 seater sofaFrom:  £799.00

H 111cm W 133cm D 86cm



Page 1 of 1:    22 Items
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